Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Escaping the daily grind

We're just back from our hols - part family-fest (Zurich), part stay-cation (north Wales).

Extraordinary things about visiting Switzerland:

• the 20min cab ride from airport to brother-in-laws place cost over £90. I nearly wept.
• the hills are alive with the sound of... cowbells. Real ones, not just in the movies. Must drive the poor things mad but the kids loved it.
• we paid £20 for a plate of sausage (just the one) and chips. More weeping - you get the idea. Serves us right for eating in mountain-top cafe. Jaw-dropping views though.
• wonderful kid-in-a-candy-store moment courtesy of my sister-in-law. An invitation to rummage through crates and crates of beautiful hardly-worn girls clothes and help myself for Little Sis. She'd even suggested we bring an empty case to fill (no brainer). Thrifty Mum heaven!
• the freshest air and cleanest water imaginable.

Wonderful things about visiting Wales:

• you can drive there and back for less than the cost of a 20min Swiss cab fare and they're practically giving away the pork&leek sausages (see above)
• reliving my childhood holidays through the eyes of our children (priceless)
• castles and
• my welsh rellies and their beautiful welsh language
• it only poured with rain on the day we were leaving

Shame about having to return to the real world and the day job but without the daily grind we wouldn't appreciate the breaks would we...

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